MENA Connect is UK NARIC's new service that enables you to search for, explore and forge new partnership opportunities across the Middle East and North Africa region.

For the past 12 months, a dedicated MENA team has been building and developing our links and connections with strategic organisations in key locations across the region. These unique connections and relationships give you access to potential MENA partners, programmes and projects.

UK NARIC MENA Connect is not merely a research or introduction service; we will work with you to smooth the path to working agreements and contracts and full compliance with the necessary government and regulatory requirements.

MENA Connect’s Arabic-speaking team assist in overcoming language and cultural barriers and can translate and advise on the content and significance of key documents and contract terms, fostering positive and healthy understanding in the formative stages and supporting your due diligence.

The MENA region is complex and can be a challenging environment to navigate. MENA Connect is your trusted facilitator to assist in your research and scoping, and agreements and implementation, of projects, partnerships and collaborations.

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  • Access by invitation to training and networking events on setting up and expanding your successful partnerships in MENA – and ensuring compliance with government and official requirements.

Or, if you wish one-to-one, bespoke support and assistance in finding, progressing and agreeing new partnerships in the MENA region, contact MENA Connect Consultancy.


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Bespoke support and assistance is available through MENA Connect Consultancy