Seeking partnerships, projects or collaborations in MENA?

Use this page to write your 'partnership wanted' posting.

It is submitted as an email to us at Global Connect. We will disseminate your 'seeking' notice using our channels in MENA; it will be circulated widely and we will ensure it reaches in particular organisations we consider especially relevant.

Responses come back to the Global Connect team. We will pass these back to you, and we are happy to add any additional knowledge we have concerning the responses. This arrangement permits you to be discreet if you wish, and not reveal the identity of your institution if you prefer – for example, if you are performing a very initial scoping.

We have developed a simple email template you can use for your posting – this is flexible and you can adapt as appropriate. You can indicate where you require fields to be hidden on the disseminated version of the posting. We will not reveal information to enquirers that you request to be kept private.

If you would like to know more before submitting a posting, email us at