Global Connect is UK NARIC's new service for universities, colleges, employers and professional bodies that enables you to search for, explore and forge new partnership opportunities in strategic regions around the world.

We not only advise and guide – we use our experience, expertise and unique contacts and channels to actively facilitate your new collaborations and international projects – and to realise them, and make them happen.

We do this in regions which are strategically important and potentially rewarding, but in which the regulatory and institutional environment, and language and cultural barriers, are challenging.

To navigate this and ensure success, an expert facilitator is vital.

  • November 2016, we are able to offer a full suite of support services for China, through China Connect.
  • Also from November 2016, we are able to offer bespoke partnership brokering for the Middle East and North Africa – MENA Connect.
  • From 2017, we offer partnership support for the Americas – Americas Connect.